What the Fork is Ayurveda??

("Ayur"=Life and "Veda"=Knowledge)

Ayurveda is the ancient science of aligning diet and lifestyle with the rhythms of nature.  It's a holistic way of living which aims at total harmony of Mind, Life, Body and Spirit in balance with natures rhythms and the world around us. It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. You are meant to live with your body and mind in their natural, balanced state, this is the essence of Ayurveda. Start your journey to health with an Ayurvedic consultation.  Your very first session starts by looking at the whole picture (body, mind and soul) so you can learn to become your own healer by removing obstacles to balance. 

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FREE 20-Minute Discovery Call

Have questions about Ayurveda or my services? Book this FREE 20 minute online inquiry call to chat with me (Kaely) and ask away, there are no silly questions.

Herbs and Minerals

Ayurveda "Now" Starter Package

The Ayurveda "Now" package is excellent for anyone who feels confused and frustrated about their health. This package includes three sessions which are typically scheduled within a three-month period to determine the root cause of health concerns. 

Rest & Digest Ayurvedic Cleanse

A rejuvenating, all natural, whole food cleanse that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Kaely, is knowledgable and skilled iindividual when it comes to Ayurveda.  She has taught me so much about Ayurveda which has helped me become that much more attuned to my body and what works for me.  This is just the beginning of my Ayurvedic journey but I know it's a solid one for me in self care. Kaely is a talented communicator and her enthusiasm for what she does made the whole thing that much easier (neither change or patience are my strong suits!).  


- Mary T

Kaely is a wonderful teacher who supports and challenges her clients. As a person with Type 1 diabetes, I wanted to try the Ayurvedic Cleanse to help regulate my blood sugars and meal prep. Kaely encouraged me on my journey throughout the challenge and in the end I had great results.


- Lizzy S

I had an Ayurvedic consultation with Kaely and I absolutely loved it. I got to know myself on a deeper level; which habits can make me feel better/worse and why; and which foods I need to include in my diet and which ones I should avoid to have a more smooth digestion, better sleep, less stress, happier mood and more balanced life in general. Kaely is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her Ayurveda sessions!


- Luiza B

I first met Kaely while taking one of her yoga classes. Right away I fell in love with everything yoga stands for and it's all because of her. She has always been encouraging, friendly, welcoming and approachable, but most of all, she shows a genuine interest in everyone that she is around. She has helped me bring a positive balance in my life through her yoga classes and Ayurveda practice. I strongly suggest everyone should experience their own Ayurveda journey. it's a great way to bring body and mind together. Kaely has been there 100% in every way. I cant stress it enough, everyone needs to meet Kaely, your life will be enriched with nothing but positive and loving vibes.


- Linda S

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