Image by Alice Pasqual

Ayurvedic Follow-up 

After an initial Ayurvedic consultation, you may want to schedule periodic follow up appointments to ensure your overall constitution is in good standing.

Your follow-up will include:

  • Examining the tongue

  • An examination of your diet and overall lifestyle

  • Discussion of herbs and how they are affecting your health

  • Learning more about your overall health and what can be done to improve it

This package includes: 

  • One 45-minute online initial Ayurvedic consultation

During follow-up sessions you will discover:

  • your natural mind/body constitution (prakriti)

  • current imbalances in your mind/body (vrikriti)

  • how to eat for your mind/body type 

  • foods to favor and avoid

  • meditations & pranayama that are beneficial to you

  • exercise/yoga that is best for you

  • daily routines and natural remedies to begin  

What are the benefits of living an Ayurvedic life ?

  • Increase energy so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Remove toxins that contribute to illness.

  • Sleep better and wake up less drowsy.

  • Balance blood sugar and hormones.

  • Reverse signs of the aging process.

  • Reduce pain and discomfort.

  • Lose weight and feel great.

  • Improve mental clarity.


After each session I will give you a detailed explanation of where imbalances may lie as well as guidelines tailored to your particular situation. These guidelines will contain information on what to eat, how to structure your day, mindfulness practices and lifestyle suggestions to restore and maintain balance, so that you can feel clear, energetic and happy.